this is theroyakash

Masters in Computer Science at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Upcoming Software Engineering Intern at Amazon India

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern at Amazon India

Will start working as a software engineering intern at Amazon India from summer of 2023. Got the internship offer within one months of coming to IIT Madras.

Graduate Teaching Assistant at IIT Madras CS Department

I work as a Graduate Teaching assistant at the department of computer Science at IIT Madras.


M.Tech in Computer Science

Currently studying masters in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (2022 to 2024).

Courses Taken in Masters

Advanced Algorithms Computational Complexity Randomized Algorithms Advanced Programming Lab

B.Tech in Computer Science

I've finished my graduation in computer science in 2022 with CGPA of 8.87 from Government College of Engineering and Ceramic technology and immediately after started my masters from IIT Madras. During this time developed phenomenal understanding in fundamental computer science subjects and found the interest to persue masters.

Main Courses Taken in B.Tech

Networks OS DBMS Discrete Mathematics Algorithms Data Structures Machine Learning Deep Learning Computer Organization Digital Logic Theory of Computation Compiler Design

Engineering Projects

DNofS →


DNofS is Flask-Python based distributed notification service implementation that can scale up to millions of customers to reliably deliver notifications. Primary purpose of such service is to provide central or local government or police the ability to deliver disaster notifications to millions of residences.

DNofS includes a client side end-point that users are able to opt-out, a client to issue notifications from, databases to store subscribers, and a soft real-time system server.

tinyds →

ONGOING Open source available

tinyds is a simple pythonic implementations for all the data structures and popular algorithms needed for clearning SDE I and II interviews that people will be able to implement during the interview if asked. Think of it as a tiny implementation of the stl library from C++.

AKDSFramework →

MOSTLY Finished Open source available

AKDSFramework is a Purely written in Python library containing implementations of various data structures. This package has a very in depth pythonic implementation of various data structures and algorithms.

AKDSFramework provides very easy to use APIs to quickly build and run algorithms on most of the popular data structures. AKDSFramework also provides one line benchmark tools, easy to use Big O analyzer, and also caching decorators.

From the data structure point of view this framework provides Linkedlists, graph, priority queues with min and max heap, queues, stacks, dictionaries and also a new sparse matrix representation data structure and from the algorithms point of view AKDSFramework provides most of the sorting algorithms, BFS, DFS, linear and binary searches and single source shortest path algorithms that run on our own graph data structures

сука блять BOT, the Multipurpose Discord Bot →

currently in BETA Contact for access

Multipurpose BOT with unique image related features. Find the bot documentation (all sorts of things the bot can do) here сука блять docs.

placeholderfile →

Published Open Source

Placeholderfile is a random file name and UUID generator.


Distributed System Design and it's fundamentals →

IN Developmental editing

Building distributed systems is difficult, often challenging. To get started with this I wrote a book when I was starting to learn distributed systems from scratch. This book will introduce you to the concept of distributed systems, tools and algorithms that you need to build those systems. You will switch from monolith to microservices in no time.

Python basics →

Published on Google Play

A free getting started python book that has over 400+ 5-star ratings and more than 25,000+ copies sold.

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